SansGUI Application Programming Interface

For in-process simulators, SansGUI calls a set of functions compiled into dynamic linked libraries. The times for these functions to be called are when users are editing input data or during simulation runs. The simulator and the user overriding routines are plugged into the SansGUI environment for execution. There is only one Application Programming Interface (API) for developing these functions in the simulators. Although the names of the different functions called in different situations may vary, they all use the same function prototype. The various situations for the DLL function calls are listed in the DLL Function Entry Points section and explained further in Chapter 4 SansGUI Simulation Control. The single API function prototype shorten the learning time in programming for SansGUI.


C:\FH_Suite\htmlgifs\home.gif SG_OBJ Data Structure DLL Function Prototype

SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment Version 1.2

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