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Quality computer software products and services for human-computer interaction (HCI), applications design and development, software tools integration and support

Problems with Computing Today

Computers were once exclusive equipment for the elite scientist and engineer to perform complex mathematical calculations and logical inference.  Today, computers are pervasive in our society, essential to our workplace and home.  They organize our information, track our financials, allow us to communicate with others, and even provide us with entertainment.  The number of computer applications and their versatility has grown enormously, overwhelming the users with a large amount of new material to learn.  Emerging technologies in interactive computing further complicate the situation.  It is increasingly difficult to keep one's computer knowledge up-to-date with each new application and new computing environment.  While users are busy reading stacks of instruction manuals for new applications running on new platforms and while software developers are studying hundreds and thousands of new application programming interfaces, computer scientists and engineers continue to bring more inventions and innovations to the industry!

The ProtoDesign Solution

We are a software company dedicated to planning, designing and implementing computing interfaces.  These interfaces may exist among the users and the applications, the developers and their software tools, and the software and hardware components.  Our goals are:

  • to lower the learning curves for the users,
  • to reduce the time-to-market for the developers, and ultimately,
  • to break the complexity barriers to incorporate emerging technologies into interactive computing.

ProtoDesign is committed to creating software tools and applications in an environment employing simple and easy to use protocols for communication among software modules.  Industry standards are utilized to ensure interoperability with third party applications.

ProtoDesign Quality Services

Combining expertise from product design, engineering and computer science, ProtoDesign provides software developers and application users with these quality services:

  • Human-Computer Interface (HCI) Design and Development
  • Software Interface Design and Development
  • Software Integration / Migration Services
  • Training Courses
  • Technical Support

Please send e-mail to info@protodesign-inc.com for more details on these quality services we provide.


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